May 27th, 2008

A Tale of a Tail wagging a Dog

Posted in Other Stuff by 200

A prison officer dog handler has been transferred from Belmarsh Prison.  HMP Officer Chris Langridge & his drugs dog ‘Ali’ have been moved from the high security prison to Swaleside Prison on the Isle of Sheppey.

The reason for his move? He’s not requested a transfer, hasn’t been punished for breaking the rules or because of a shortage of sniffer dogs at Swaleside. He’s been moved because a Muslim prisoner made an official complaint that the prison dog was called ‘Allah’ which was offensive to his religion. (You did note in the second sentence the dog’s real name?)

A prison service source said, "There is no suggestion that he did call the dog Allah but, on balance, it was thought better to transfer him". Balance? What balance would that be then? The prison service claimed the move was for "training purposes".

What about an alternative way do deal with this complaint?

My suggestion of an appropriate response would be "Shut the fuck up & get back to your cell".

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