May 25th, 2008

Pick a Winner

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Why is sentencing such a lottery for the decent folk out there?

In April 2008, James Howard (then of Carlisle) was sentenced to a 12 month suspended sentence for GBH when he broke a man’s cheek during an assault. (he also got a night-time curfew for 4 months & 200 hours community service). Judge Barbara Forrester said Howard appeared unable to control his temper after drinking and offered him a ‘last chance’. The probation service assessed him as ‘a medium risk’ to the public.

He then moved to Lancashire.

Just days after the move a neighbour was found dead. A post mortem examination showed he had died of “external haemorrhaging from a severe fracture to the nose”. Howard has been charged with manslaughter. The victim, a Mr Waterworth, was 42. His family must be so pleased the previous judge was so thoughtful as to offer a clearly violent man another chance. It’s a pit Mr Waterworth was not offered the same chance.

Meanwhile, a 28-year-old, Peter Savage, was arrested for drink driving just 15 minutes after a previous 3-year-ban for drink driving had ended. He was found to be twice the limit. He was jailed for 3 months in 2005 & banned for 3 years for drink driving. On the latest occasion he was banned for 3 years, given an 18-month supervision order & 200 hours community service.

I wonder how many of the good folk of Canterbury are playing the lottery right now as they make their way around the leafy roads of Kent.

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  1. Litew8 says:

    What I never understood, and this may not relate to the case you stated, is that some senteces involving a driving-ban, run concurrently with a prison sentence… so the scroat is allowed to start driving again as soon as he’s out… these sentences should run consecutively… where the hell is someone going to drive to when they are banged up in prison? It makes sentences sound tougher than they actually are, and do not act as a deterrent… though according to some news stories recently; neither are prisons…


    May 26th, 2008 at 11:36

  2. wilf waterworth says:

    RIP bruv
    hope that b*stard gets 10 year…cant find anything on internet about the sentence he got.
    obviosly he was aggressive
    should have been locked up the first time


    November 10th, 2008 at 23:39

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