April 23rd, 2012

Latest Inductee

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I haven’t made a ‘Scum of the Week Award for a little time so I’m happy to add the following piece of  shite to the Hall of Fame.

Step forward the brave thug who considers it acceptable to sneak upon a frail 81-year-old man, batter him over the back of the head so that he falls to the ground, and then proceeds to rob him.

Alf McManus popped into a local shop with £10 when he was attacked. He suffered broken ribs, a cut eye and bruising during the violent assault after his assailant rifled Alf’s bag as he lay on the ground. When the thug found nothing of value he demanded money. His victim claimed he had none whereupon he was kicked and stamped on before his pockets were rifled and a £10 note was found, and stolen.

The incident happened this week in Prestwich near Manchester. Mr McManus was hospitalised and is so traumatised that he cannot remember anything about the offender.

Let’s hope someone bubbles the thieving pond life very soon.

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