April 15th, 2012

With Facebook friends like these….

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F***ing Facebook.

Or should that be f***ing idiots who post stuff on their Facebook page and leave themselves open to people complaining to their employers about their comments?

PC David Crawford from Merseyside Police might be wondering himself, after slagging off women who go to Ladies’ Day at Aintree. His Facebook page has now been removed as he undergoes an investigation by Merseyside’s finest rubber-heelers.

Personally, I think everyone who goes to Aintree and takes part in the furtherance of an industry where the death of horses is just an inconvenient by-product of the entertainment, should be slagged off.

Remember as one of Her Majesty’s finest, you have no rights to thoughts which are not politically correct, much less any to share those thoughts and jokes among your mates.

The biggest mistake PC Crawford seems to have made was to open his FB page to people liable to stab him in the back.

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