May 20th, 2008

It’s not just the police who are bigots

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Being a bit sad, I spend a lot of time wandering the corridors of the internet during my private ‘down time’. As well as one or two police forums I frequent, I also use a couple of non-police websites, kind of hobby type interest sites.

It’s interesting how often websites discussing such diverse things as Mitsubishi motor cars, fly fishing & cross stitch end up talking about the police & usually end up in slanging matches about how useless, evil, corrupt or stupid police officers are.

There’s one in particular I visit often which has a handful of regulars who queue up to slag off the old Bill whenever the opportunity arises. Apparently, we’re all power-crazed dictator-neanderthals who are thick, don’t know the law & like nothing better than fitting people up or smacking them in the gob whenever we can.

Sometimes I ignore these threads, sometimes I really enjoy winding people up by joining in & stirring things along. They hate it when people speak out in favour of the police.

One of these folks makes a point of saying how much he does for the community. I’m not sure what he does for a living but apparently he’s been connected to the underprivileged, drug users, minority groups & alternative lifestyle folk. He gets very annoyed when people stereotype these groups & the accusations of bigotry & racism flow quite freely from his keyboard.

He refers to the folks-in-blue as "PC Plod", he is forever saying how stupid police officers are & whenever a story appears which shows the police in a poor light he says the whole police are at fault. He never accepts that he is as bigoted as those he seeks to criticise.

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