May 14th, 2008

Times Change

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When did we become a society of selfish, lazy self-obsessed wasters who think only of me, me, me? Did it come in with Thatcher’s Government? Has it deteriorated drastically under Labour, is it the government’s fault, what’s the secret to world peace?

OK, I just threw that last one in to see if you were paying attention.

I can’t be the only one fed up with the actions of others as I go about my everyday life.

This week I went out to Tescos.

I went out to the car to find broken glass all over the drive of my neighbour; the recycling collector-operatives have picked up the container of glass bottles & dropped it. Rather than picking the shards of dangerous glass they’ve just abandoned them all over the drive leaving my neighbour to run the gauntlet with her kids & car. My recycling bin hasn’t been returned to the house & is 30 yards up the road presumably because the council employee can’t be arsed to return it.

As I drove through the town centre a car pulled out on me on a roundabout, the driver happily chatting away on his mobile phone not caring a tinker’s cuss for my rights to personal safety on the road. I got to Tescos and saw a space on the left, I was being followed by two girls in a new Peugeot hatchback. As I like to gove plenty of warning about what I’m doing I signalled left that I was slowing intending to take the next space on the left, as I did so I started to pull to the right past the space intending to reverse into it. Before I could pull fully right at the usual 45 degree angle to start reversing, the Peugeot behind swung out to my offside and started to pass me forcing me to stop my manouver & let it past. I can only assume that the 5 seconds it would have taken to allow me to park was too much for the impatient bitch.

Then I complete my shopping & go to return my trolley. I must be the only one who does this because the pathway between rows of cars is littered with trolleys which people have emptied into their car & just left right across the path, fully blocking it, too bloody lazy to either return it or push it 2 yards so it doesn’t block the whole width of the pathway.

I get home & there’s a panel van parked opposite, 3 lads are loading stuff into it from a house opposite. As I’m unpacking y shopping in the kitchen I hear the van rev up & drive off followed by a large clattering sound. Thinking they’ve struck a parked car, I look out to see they haven’t closed the shutter on the rear of the van. Some ladders, long plastic strips, sheets & other assorted items are strewn all over the road. The lads jump out, throw the ladders & sheets into the back of the van & leave some broken plastic strips & other assorted items in the road, jump back in the van & drive off.

There must be someone I can blame for this. I remember when I was young our front doors were never closed. You could go on holiday, leave all your windows open, come home & a  kindly neighbour would have popped in, tidied your house & done some shopping for you. You could leave your wallet open in the street outside the house & come back 36 hours later & someone would have filled it with money.

What went wrong?

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