May 13th, 2008

Down Time

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Just a quickie today – BTW, thanks for the comments on yesterday’s entry regarding suggestions for improvement, keep them coming.

If you’re patrolling the streets of the UK and truly nothing is happening, all the crimes are locked up and no house is being broken into, nobody is risking death on the roads & the nick is fresh out of cannabis warning forms, you could consider some activity back at the police station. We used to call it ‘down time’, or rather the bosses called it ‘down time’ & they expected to use your ‘down time’ productively. The truth was that you never actually had any time when you were effectively free to do some little project or other for some HQ department, usually consisting of filling in forms or surveys.

Anyway, this is what they get up to in the good ol’ US of A during down time.

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Seems like fun…

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