May 12th, 2008

Onwards & Upwards

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I think today marks  8 months of blogging a post every single day. Yes, this is the most productive Police Blog in the Blogosphere. (OK, sometimes I go for quantity rather than quality, it’s true). What started off as an attempt to post every day for a month slipped into three months & then six months, so I guess it would be rude not to try for a whole year (although when my holiday comes up it might be interesting).

Thanks to my small band of regular supporters & commenters, it would be soul destroying if nobody ever reacted to anything I typed, either pro or against (or indifferent). I couldn’t do it without you!

I was wondering what makes a good blog in general and a good police blog specifically. I know the ones I like & I also recognise ones which I don’t. I guess it’s a matter of personal taste but there are one or two really popular blogs out there which don’t light any fires for me. Yet they are read in the thousands.

So, you read blogs, presumably there is something here which persuades you to give up your valuable time to read it, you probably read other blogs too. What is the secret of a good blog, or in other words, how can I improve this one?  Is it the subject matter, the writing style, how important is humour/seriousness? Is length of post a factor, pictures? What is it which makes you want to come back to read the next update?

Suggestions greatly received….

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