February 18th, 2012

Dead Mans’ Shoes

Posted in The Job - General by 200

News today that the GMP will be recruiting 50 new officers a year for the next three years.

I really feel sorry for youngsters these days, particularly ones like me who grow up wanting to do nothing more than stick on a blue suit and help society sort itself out. With so few forces recruiting over the last few years, and for the√ā¬†foreseeable√ā¬†future, they have absolutely no chance of realising their dream job, even though I would not follow the same path had I known then what I know now.

Policing has never been about the money, in most cases it has never been about power, nor the desire to tread on the rights of the working masses, beat up a few protestors and black people, or the need to feel superior over quivering motorists. It’s been about wanting to put something back into society, despite what the daily fail tells you.

It’s such a shame that √ā¬†thousands and thousands of √ā¬†idiots willing and able candidates will never get the chance to fulfill their dream, just because a few greedy people fucked up the country’s money and a few other people didn’t have the skill or willingness to sort it out.

When the GMP announce the vacancies, what are the best on number of applications per space available?

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