January 30th, 2012

So here it is…

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So, the cost to police officers of the new pay ‘deal’ is £150 million.

The pay freeze and cutting of some payments and allowances will mean pay cuts for most officers. Theresa May spins it out by saying there will be no cuts in basic salaries, like not increasing wages for a number of years, or increasing it below the cost of inflation isn’t a pay cut. It’s all just semantics really and sounds better than saying police officers will have less money next year than they had this year.

May said of Tom Winsor’s review: “He produced a package that is fair to the police and that is fair to the taxpaying public.” I’m not too sure if her definition of fair is the same as everyone else’s unless cutting 20% from police budgets so the public have to put up with less police stations, less officers and longer waiting times is regarded as fair to the public.

But it’s OK because our chiefs and leaders will see us right and support us. Chief Constable Peter Fahy (GMP) said: “(the review struck) a balance between the need to achieve savings given the national economic situation and the financial pressures facing individual police officers.”

I can’t help thinking that the weights on his balance weren’t evenly distributed.

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