January 29th, 2012

It’s madness gone mad

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The good old compensation culture is alive and well in British policing.

Reports this week reveal that over £12 million has been paid out to police employees in the last five years, in sums from a few thousand up to half a million.

Money has been paid out for all sorts of weird and wonderful incidents. £46,000 to one worker who was bitten by a dog in the police pound. The highest award was paid out by Hertfordshire Police to a woman who suffered chronic pain syndrome after slipping on ice in the car park and breaking her elbow. She got, wait for it, £550,000. Lucky she didn’t get her arms or legs blown off in Afghanistan ‘cos she’d a have got a bloody sight less.

Personal responsibility, as with everything else on modern UK society, has no place to pay when you can blame someone else for everything, and get lots of money for it too.

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