January 26th, 2012

It’ll be difficult to live that one down

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From time to time various car companies will loan cars to different police forces so they can test them out, they hope officers and fleet managers will be so impressed they’ll place an order.

Often the cars are bog-standard run of the mill cars which manufacturers might want force to go over to instead of the standard Fords and Vauxhalls. Sometimes they are high powered sporty things which everyone wants a shot at driving.

Of course, when you have a car on loan, you want to test it out but you want to make sure it’s looked after. So you might make sure that it only goes to the best drivers the force has to offer, say a traffic or ANPR Intercept officer, such as BBC One Car Wars star, PC Paul Fletcher of the Greater Manchester Police ANPR Intercept Team.

PC Fletcher was given a VW Golf R, a high powered 155mph £33,000 hot hatch.

Given the highly publicised driving expertise of the officers on that specialist unit one might be forgiven for wondering what he did around 2am in the morning at a roundabout in Manchester to result in this…..

BBC News story

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