April 28th, 2008


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So the police have been told to cut down on ‘management speak’ or "ploddledeygook" by the Plain English Campaign

I’m surprised it’s taken so long. I’m sure those of us within the police have been suffering an ever-increasing circle of management introducing language which comes straight out of their posterior orifices for at least 10 years. It happened around the time that someone thought it was a good idea to try & run the police like a division of the Ford Motor Company.

It’s difficult to give some of the really grat examples, because I don’t know whether some of them just apply to my force & which ones are national, so I had a quick scan through some adverts for jobs in the police & came up with a few.

"…we’re at the forefront of work place modernisation & citizen focus…"

"…Business Change Manager … managing a portfolio of projects within the Business Preparation and Implementation Strand….guidance to a range of stakeholders…"

"…intensifying our total war on crime…"

…part of our bold blueprint for continued success…"

"…deliver a sustainable change in the way which the county is policed…"

"…provide multi-agency command band training influencing and participating across a broad spectrum of agencies…"

"…staff officer to the chief people officer…"

"…our force moves towards a model for policing that will deliver a programmed, flexible and efficient, localised policing service which puts the community at its heart…"

"…deliver a sustainable step-change in the way in which the county is policed…" 

and the last one for now, "…we welcome applications from all candidates, including those from minority ethnic groups & women…" and there’s me thinking all applicants meant white men only.


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