January 15th, 2012

Always frustrations

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You know those simple everyday frustrations which people put in your way, sometimes for good reasons, which stack up to make your day more difficult than it could be?

Like phoning the local hospital to find out if a road crash victim is improving, stable or getting worse. You set up a codeword with the ICU staff so that they know it’s the police calling so when you call them, you quote the codeword, they know it’s you and give you an update on the patient’s condition.

Then you get the numpty who seems to be out of the loop on working practices and refuses to divulge any information over the phone. They tell you they won’t release any info over the phone but if you send an officer they’ll let you know (that there’s no change). So a police officer gets  to do the hospital run which diverts them from dealing with someone else who wants to be seen, has to do a round mile trip of 20 miles, just to be told there is no change.

And this is the same ICU department who dealt with a stab victim who managed to tell his mother, as he collapsed across the doorstep, that his girlfriend had stabbed him, was rushed to ICU, let  ‘his mother’ in to see him after life-saving surgery, who had a 2 minute word in his ear and walked out without enquiring with staff about his condition. When his real mother arrived she was refused access on the basis that his mother had already been, whereupon it was revealed the women who had visited first was the mother of the offender who offered a few words of wisdom to the critical victim along the lines that if he wanted to actually walk out of the hospital alive he might want to rethink what happened to him.

When staff realised that the had failed to check the ID of the first woman, and let the real mother in, she found out that her son had miraculously managed to stab himself a few millimetres from his heart and no partner was involved at all. No crime was ever recorded.

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