April 27th, 2008

Green Grass

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As much as I moan about the job & my own force,  it seems the grass isn’t always greener.

Every month we see officers quitting the force & transferring out. There will be a variety of reasons, perhaps they want to live in a different part of the country, maybe their partner is having to relocate with their work. Many will be because they are simply disillusioned with the force for a variety of reasons but don’t want to leave the profession totally.

It’s surprising how many get accepted by another force, go to the effort of transferring & often moving house & then end up coming back a few months later because whatever disillusioned them with this force was even worse elsewhere.

It can be difficult to believe that other forces can be any worse that the one you’re in, that they can have technology which makes this force look like a Silicon Valley innovator, but it’s true. There must be some bloody awful police employers out there given the shite that we have in our force to put up with.

I was speaking recently to an old pal who transferred away last year; not just a neighbouring force but one a couple of hundred miles away. She is now back with us. Staffing levels at the other force were even worse than ours. They didn’t have half the technology we have. What got her the most was that there wasn’t enough to do. She was getting 3 or 4 jobs a shift, most of which were domestics & utter tatt.

Our force were quick to accept her back when she phoned in enquiring what the chances were of coming back.

I guess policing is similar everwhere, it’s just the right level of shite you have to be prepared to put up with that changes. 

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