April 26th, 2008

Double Standards

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So the National Union of Teachers went out on strike this week after failing to accept a pay deal run up by the government & whatever the teacher’s pay award body is called.

It seems things aren’t going to well for Gordon Brown at the moment. He seems to change his mind more often than a rampant housewife in an Anne Summers’ trolley dash. All you need to get him to ‘see the light’ & do a U-turn is threaten to revolt.

Notwithstanding the rights & wrongs of the teacher’s strike & whether or not they had a democratic mandate, it gets to something when teachers go on strike for the first time in 21 years & as as good an indication as any that the government are pretty bloody useless when it comes to pay deals.

In a post on the Police999 forums I was amused to read that one member there was driving home from work when he heard Gordon – about as much use as a old school blamonge – Brown spouting forth about the teachers. Apparently the poster, a Met sergeant, nearly crashed his car when he heard Gordy announce, "The pay award given to the teachers was agreed by an independent arbitration panel, and we would expect the teachers to agree to this, as we have."

It seems Gordon has a very short & selective memory. Doubtless he will, in light of his new stand on arbitration panels, be reversing the decision not to award the police our full 2.5% pay award & I can look forward to the £200 he owes me.

Yeah, right!


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  1. Angry Dave says:

    I was taking an 11 of a Head and he said that he was NUT and so were 2 of his staff. He told them to go ahead and support his union but he could not – high moral grounds about protecting his pupils education, lending his newly promoted weight to a sound cause – NO. Too much paperwork – if went on strike then he would have to complete umpteen risk assesments and several triplicate forms.
    He did raise an intresting point though -if the NUTTERS get want they want then ALL teachers regardless of affilation get the pay rise but only the NUTTERS lose the days wages for striking.
    Still it’s like the expected vote for loss of ot for PC’s and Skippers. All office bods will vote for it because they never HAVE to do OT and so it will be a free bonus. The much smaller in number if not in stature front line will be screwed again.

    April 27th, 2008 at 04:57

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