April 22nd, 2008

Never Let Facts get in the way

Posted in The Job - General by 200

Back in September 2007 I blogged about the case of the sensationalist reporting when Jordan Lyon drowned in a quarry pit trying to rescue his sister.

You may recall the headlines along the lines of "Two PCSOs watch boy drown". There was some pretty poor vilification in the police forums & on some police blog sites.

The Sun have printed an apology. It reads:

"OUR reports on the inquest of Jordon Lyon who drowned trying to rescue his sister (September 2007) stated two Police Community Support Officers from Greater Manchester Police stood by and did nothing.

We wish to clarify the two PCSOs arrived after Jordon disappeared under the water and they summoned help and directed other emergency services to the scene.

We apologise for any distress our report may have caused."

Blimey, someone must have threatened to sue…

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