December 17th, 2011

Another one bites the dust (Christmas, that is)

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I got reminded today by Mrs Weeks that I ought to have sorted out my Christmas shopping by now. Mt daughter remarked that actually, I didn’t have to do any shopping, not until Christmas Eve, because all i do is go to Tescos and buy some chocolate oranges for the kids and Ferrero Rocher for the wife. She is, naturally, quite correct.

Being a bloke of habit, I have, of course, done bugger all. So I’ve spent the afternoon on, as I usually do. I then spent a while on looking at laptops. (second child is off to uni next year).

I’ve placed an order at play and used their special delivery option, so I hope they come good before next weekend, and I have chosen a laptop and given the catalogue number to Mrs Weeks who has promptly popped into town and purchased said item.

What more does a man need to do at Christmas?

The job has kindly fucked up my Christmas again this year so they have changed my late shift on Christmas Eve to what is basically a night shift only I leave an hour earlier than the real night shift, and then I have to be back at work by the time the Queen opens her mouth. Consequently, we have cancelled Christmas and will be celebrating the festivities on Boxing Day.

When I retired, and knowing that I’d come back as a civvy, I had this naive  idea that it was the end of working at Christmas and Bank holidays, more time at home with the wife and kids and an end to having my shifts pushed and pulled at the whim of those working the spreadsheets. I should have known better.

Still, it’s always nice eating fresh roast turkey when everybody else is having turkey sandwiches.

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