April 17th, 2008

Promotion Opportunities

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I heard some worrying news this week; PC Andrews is going for an acting sergeant’s position in the control room. 

Under normal circumstances I’d say ‘good luck to him’ after all why should someone else’s career path be of any concern of mine? The trouble is, the bloke is a complete tosser. Although he’s not on my shift, we do crossover sometimes & he often relieves me (not in the Biblical sense, you understand!)  If he gets the job the chances are that he won’t stay on his own shift & will go to another, that’s a one in four chance he’ll come to mine & be my sergeant.

I’m quite an affable sort of chap & I talk to people on other shifts & I’ve not found a single one who has a good word to say about him. Hi attitude is appalling, his manner is arrogant & condescending. He has 4 years in the job which means he came in the control room when he was just out of his probation. Rumour control has it that he came into the control because the 3 front line shifts he was on wanted him due to being a bloody liability. He’s one of these blokes who thinks he knows it all. He is the prime example the phrase "better to keep your mouth shut & appear stupid, than to open it & removal all doubt", was invented for.

It makes me laugh the way he talks to senior PCs, some of whom were policing before he was born (e.g. me, but especially traffic officers), as if he knows more than they do. If power was ever going to someone’s head, then working in the control room & telling people what to do was his ideal opportunity, he milks it. I mention traffic officers because that department has about the highest proportion of experienced officers still out on the street. Front-line policing is so crap these days that nobody stays longer than a few years. My own example of 28 years is almost unheard of. So it’s fun listening to PC Andrews trying to tell someone on the motorway how to deal with a fatal accident.

Under the old system, it would be reasonably hard for someone like PC Andrews to get promoted. Generally, you had to be a capable officer (unless you were on the High Potential Development Scheme or whatever they call it these days) & you had to pass an exam. These days you have to fill in a few forms saying how good you are, tick some boxes, it helps to be part of a minority group so the force can get its quotas up & you have to show how well you accept ‘diversity’.

I have absolutely no doubt that PC Andrews will achieve promotion sooner or later, not because he deserves it, but because any shift he works with will thoroughly recommend him as the quickest way to get rid of him off their shift.

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