April 13th, 2008

Report Writing

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Of the reasons I write this blog, one of them isn’t because I want a book deal.

Good luck to those who have, though. I bought PC Copperfield’s "Wasting Police Time", (I didn’t get past the first 20 pages because I had this feeling I’d read it all before – on the blog). I also bought PC Bloggs’ "Life of an on-call girl". I’ve not read that either. I might buy Insp. Gadget’s forthcoming book, & not read it as well.

Nope, I don’t want a book publishing deal… not like their’s anyway.

The kind of book publishing deal I want is more like Cumbria PC, Matt Hilton, who has just signed an £800,000 deal for a five book series of crime thrillers!

PC Hilton is now ex-PC Hilton having resigned on receipt of his good news. I can’t imagine what part of the £800,000 book writing deal has caused him to leave such a great job.

Yep, that’s the kind of book deal I could do with. I’m already dusting down "The Tails of Tigger the Cat", which I wrote for bedtime stories a few years back. Now I only need to find an agent.

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