April 11th, 2008

More Dodgy Lawyers

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Never one to miss an opportunity to report on another scummy solicitor, news of one Thomas McGoldrick, a solicitor in Cheshire who has, this week, been jailed for 10 years for stealing £1.25 million from a client.

If that wasn’t bad enough in itself, wait until you hear the circumstances surrounding the case which are even worse.

Kieth Anderson was paid £1.8 million in compensation after being rendered quadraplegic following a road crash. McGoldrick acted as his solicitor & compensation was paid into the solicitor’s account. I believe the normal practice is for the solicitor to take their fees & then forward the balance to the client. The money was never paid to the victim, who was finally alerted by police who advised him that he had just £200 of his compensation remaining.

McGoldrick meanwhile had forged a letter claiming his client had ‘gifted’ him £900,000. He used the money for holidays, cars, private schools for his children & his £800,000 house. The judge accused him of "obscene extravagance" & that he had lied his way through the six-week trial.

He was charged with 59 counts of fraud.

Nice to see one get their come-uppance.

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