October 29th, 2011


Posted in Other Stuff by 200

Well, I’m back from a well-earned break. As far as I’m aware, I haven’t been sacked whilst I was away for gross negligence, and there haven’t been any riots. Not at home at least, though I did have the√ā¬†privilege√ā¬†of seeing one of those anti globalism demos and there wasn’t a rock thrown or window smashed in sight. There wwre lots of people, lots of banners and signs and whistles but not a sign of any trouble and nobody setting up tents on other people’s property.

Only a day to go then it’s back with the nose to the√ā¬†grindstone√ā¬†until next years’ batch of annual leave, which might be a long time coming what with the ban on annual leave during the extended Olympics period nest summer.

Damn, I think I’ve just√ā¬†depressed√ā¬†myself,√ā¬†and√ā¬†after such a wonderful break with Mrs Weeks and the Weeklings, too.


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