October 13th, 2011

The death of the chopper-copper?

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National Police Air Service (NPAS) project is a scheme looking at the provision of air support in England and Wales and is being managed by ACPO. The brief is to improve air support throughout the nation.

The upshot is that many forces will lose their helicopters.

ACPO says that├é┬á├é┬áthe scheme will provide a more efficient and accessible air support service throughout England and Wales that offers better value for money. Well it would wouldn’t it?

They say the same when the close all the police stations down. They say the same when they merge traffic departments and dog sections.

The truth of the matter is that all that happens is, for instance, the force with the most dog units gets worse coverage while all their dogs get to cover the forces with the least dog units, whose residents are laughing because they have double the amount of coverage they previously had.

The traffic units get pared down and cover more miles per officer.

This is always classed as ‘better value for money’.

Of course ACPO say that the national air support project is not about saving money, though they do say it will save ├é┬ú15million a year. What will happen is that less helicopters will be available, the forces who lose a helicopter will find that the ones designated to cover their area are always too busy or too far away to bother, while the forces which manage to keep their helicopter will be reticent of letting ‘their’ helicopter outside the force boundaries.

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