March 29th, 2008

The Job

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I had an email from someone who came across my blog the other day. Peter from New York is doing some research and wondered where the phrase "The Job" came from.

For those of you not in ‘the job’ this is a term which has been used for many years to describe police work. I can recall when I joined almost 30 years ago fellow officer asking when I joined ‘the job’ or asking how long have you been in the job then.

I’ve never really thought about it and I don’t have the first clue whether this term is limited to police work. Do teachers refer to being ‘in the job’? or doctors or soldiers?

If anyone has some insight into where this phrase comes from please let me know so I can pass this on to Peter. I’ve Googled (is that still legal in private?) but not come up with anything yet.


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