September 17th, 2011

Teenage Boys are Angels – Fact!

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The Daily Shite is at it again with their take on an incident in which police tasered a violent teenager.

Of course the Shite doesn’t say that what it actually says is: “A schoolboy was Tasered by police after locking his mother out of the house.”

The incident occurred back in June when a woman called 999 after a domestic with her son left her locked out of her own house. Police attended and eventually the boy came out. He told the Fail: “I came out, held my hands up and said ‘I want to negotiate with my mum’. The next moment they all jumped on me. There was a scuffle and they tried to throw me to the ground but I wouldn’t go down so they Tasered me. I didn’t know what was happening.

“I want to negotiate with my mum”? Negotiate? How about you do what ever the fuck your parents tell you to do, try behaving for a change. Therein lies the sorry tale of the sandal-wearing liberals that have fucked up British society, don’t get me started.

The officers arrested the boy for assault police times 2 though the CPS later chose not to charge any offences.

Mother and son can’t understand why the boy was tasered and arrested. There might be a clue in the words from the little lamb’s mouth, “There was a scuffle and they tried to throw me to the ground but I wouldn’t go down.” Or, ‘I was so violent that officers felt in imminent danger of violence against them and the best method to control the violence was to use a Taser. They could of course have battered him with a few feet of metal, which would have been the only other choice until Taser was issued. Perhaps Mum would have preferred little Jimmy to have had a few cuts & bruises or maybe a broken bone rather than a short sharp shock which did no harm other than to make him think twice about refusing to do what he was being told.

The mother has said “I thought they would just get him out of the house and take him to his sister’s or something to calm down.” Maybe  she should have tried bringing her son up to respect authority, hers and the police’s and then she’d not have to ring the police to come down and bring her son up for her.

Inevitably the boy has  been traumatised by events, suffering feelings of confusion with panic and anxiety attacks. The family are considering suing.

I was much heartened by the Shite’s comments section on their website:

“Sons bargains with Mum – are you KIDDING? I would have broken the window to get into my own home then binned his TV, mobile phone and computer. Finally, all pocket money would have been suspended until the cost of the window repair was met. It’s called parental training, get on with it.”

”There was a scuffle and they tried to throw me to the ground but I wouldn’t go down so they Tasered me.” Otherwise known as resisting arrest.”

“cps should be ashamed he assaults police resists arrest but the police are in the frame for over reacting? you couldn`t make it up what a joke”

“Her 16 year son locks her out the house, she calls the police,they come, he resists arrest and they do their job, Now she considering suing them, unbelievable….next time sort out your own domestic issues and stop wasting police time.”

“The officers responded to a 999 call and the boy resisted arrest, it’s a shame this isn’t the normal response.”

“Is this another of those cases that the family now want two sue the force? Now mother finds her spiteful son not so bad after all. Resists arrest and you get the treatment full stop. Do us all a favor and stop wasting police time.”

“I want to negotiate with my mum”. ‘The next moment they all jumped on me. There was a scuffle and they tried to throw me to the ground but I wouldn’t go down so they Tasered me…. If I had been the copper I would have sent eight or nine ‘Smart Alec’ members of the public in to get injured, why risk injury to yourself?”

“Tough luck. Next time do as your told. When they say down you get down Good on the police.”

“Lets have some proper reporting DM, not your usual anti police innuendo. A Taser is only drawn when a person has become so violent there is a risk of serious injury to officers or others. And fired when all other options have been exhausted. Firing a Taser is less likely to cause injury to the aggressor than use of batons, that can break bones or kill if a strike hits a vital body area. Any officer firing a Taser knows that he will be automatically referred to PSD or IPCC for investigation and if found to be unjustified in law, risks exposing that officer to criminal charges, dismissal and loss of pension. It isnÂ’t a decision taken lightly! Can you not try and paint the subject here as an “innocent little schoolboy”. A 16 year old male can be as aggressive and violent as a 40 year old, or didnÂ’t you pay attention during the riots.”


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  1. boy on a bike says:

    His age is immaterial. When I was 16, I was quite powerfully built thanks to rowing and a lot of manual labour on farms. Lifting and carrying sheep, bags of fertilizer, fencing posts etc over your shoulder will beef you up pretty quickly. I think back to how I was then, and then look at the pint sized cops we have these days, and conclude that at 16, I could have taken on and flattened several of them if I felt like it. We did a lot of wrestling (and had the odd punch up) at school, and it usually took four other blokes of my age to take me down. And I was not the biggest in my peer group by a long shot.

    The police need to be armed so that they have an unfair advantage over (as I was then) physically strong males. Especially strong, aggressive and potentially drunk or drugged males. When it’s police versus perpetrators, it’s not meant to be a fair fight – it’s supposed to be unfair. The Police are supposed to have greater force, and they’re supposed to have plenty of discretion about how to deploy that force. I have no sympathy whatsoever for anyone that tangles with the police and comes off second best – that’s how it should be.

    As for this dickhead and his relationship with his mum…. don’t start me on that. I’d give the mum a taser and tell her to use it on him until he starts behaving properly.

    September 18th, 2011 at 03:43

  2. Mindtheoranges says:

    I agree with Boy On A Bike above. At 16 I was an extremely fit karate champion. I wasn’t a big build but I was fast and skilful. Now I’m a 40yr old, slightly overweight, police officer. I have to deal with these feckless idiots day in and day out. When they do resist, there is always some chav gobbing off about it being “4 onto 1″. They appear to want a fair fight. I am happy with that; I’m not as fit as I was but I’ve now got 25 years of martial arts/self defence/unarmed combat experience under my belt, and 15 stone to prove the point with. Overwhelm these idiots and they are less likely to get hurt, as are the officers. Toe to toe and it gets messy, and I’ve not come second yet. It’s nice to see the public support though. Rant over, time for a nice cup of decaf tea.

    September 18th, 2011 at 07:54

  3. Fee says:

    If – God forbid – I ever have to ask the police to get one of my kids out of the house, then I’d expect them to control the situation. If that meant Taser, then so be it. But then I don’t negotiate with my kids – they know I’m in charge, whether they like it or not, and I’m not trying to be their friend, either. I wouldn’t have dared lock one of my parents out of their own house, and my kids would be very, very sorry if they ever tried it.

    September 18th, 2011 at 10:26

  4. Civ_In_The_City says:

    Agree with everything that`s been said.

    In our so-called customer-focused, client-centric society having ‘choices’ has become the latest ‘must have’ for everything from schools to hospital treatment.

    So what did Mum want? She wanted to get back into her house so called the police (like you do). Locksmiths cost money after all.

    What else? She wanted the choice of exactly what the police did to resolve the situation:

    “O.k., thanks for turning up so quickly, here`s the situation and, now, what I want you to do is knock politely a few times and perhaps try some of your crisis-negotiator stuff through the letter-box. If that doesn`t work, can you lay on some KFC or Burger King to tempt him down from his room by wafting the smell through the cat flap. Watch out for my flower beds if you have to climb through that open window, and remember to take off your muddy boots before walking on my kitchen floor. You can`t use you hands or asp or pepper spray (the cat`s allergic) or else I`ll claim assault and sue you. So, here`s a bag of M&M`s (his favourite), just leave a trail of them down the stairs and make kissy-kissy noises and he`ll follow you out.”

    “Mother and son can’t understand why the boy was (tasered and) arrested.”. I can…

    When you ask police officers to come to your location because you are in a situation you can`t manage yourself there is ALWAYS the possibility that someone will be arrested. Not because police officers WANT to arrest people (paperwork) but because police are the ONLY people in our country who CAN arrest other people (FFS). YOU called THEM to sort the situation out YOU DAFT BINT.


    September 18th, 2011 at 10:29

  5. Tony Durham says:

    CPS or Cops Put Second strike again.Why was this case dropped ?? If some little shit decides to take the Police on and resist arrest/assault officers he SHOULD be placed before the courts !

    September 18th, 2011 at 11:39

  6. Simon says:

    I think it’s a shame the twat was Tasered. I’d much rather the tawt and it’s mother were beaten to a pulp with batons, then arrested for wasting Police time.

    September 18th, 2011 at 19:30

  7. Stonehead says:

    Speaking of teenage boys, I took our youngest to his swimming lessons at the nearest town to us yesterday. While he was at the pool, I went for a walk to the market square. A young lad, about 12/13, was there with his mother and a police officer.

    I was just in time to catch the end of a lecture from the police officer along the lines of, “Right, you go and scrub all the graffiti off the shops while I have my tea over there. If it’s not done properly, you’ll be back tomorrow. And don’t forget, while I’m not taking official action this time, every officer in the station knows who you are and if you do it again you know what will happen…”

    As I wandered back a little later, I could see the police officer sitting on a bench eating a sandwich and drinking coffee while the lad was scrubbing graffiti off a wall. His mum was with him and she looked mortified.

    A nice bit of old-fashioned policing. :D

    September 21st, 2011 at 15:33

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