March 25th, 2008

Reinventing the Wheel

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Oh my goodness, 45 minutes to midnight, & I’ve not had time to post today. Again. This is getting harder & harder.

Anyway, time for something very quick & probably not too well thought out.

One of the key initiatives over the last couple of years has been the implementation of a ‘neighbourhood’-type policing. I think the Met started calling it "Safer Neighbourhoods". It basically means that there is a team of officers/PCSOs dedicated to problem solving (another catch phrase) on the neighbourhoods & estates. I don’t know if it was a trial in the Met but it seems the government are keen to roll it out to everyone else.

Everywhere has got to have safer-neighbourhood teams. They’re trumpeting various themes, one of them is ‘a name in every neighbourhood’ where everyone is supposed to know the name of their local officer/PCSO. Vast amounts of money is being spent on making sure their names are known. Gordon Brown is even suggesting anyone should be able to ring their local officer on a mobile phone. 

Great, new initiatives, government making bold announcements. It’s all back to Whitehall for tea & medals once again.

Neighbourhood policing. That’ll be like having a local officer on every estate, some of them might even live on their beat, they might have offices where locals can come & see them at designated times of the day rather than going into town to the local nick (which will be closed). Something like we used to have until someone thought it was a waste of resources, put all the neighbourhood officers on squads or retired them & sold off all the police houses. 


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