February 4th, 2006

Dangerous Wildlife

Posted in The Job - Experience by 200

I didn’t get this one, but I wish I had.

One morning this week I heard the following job come out over the air.

Ops Room: “Can you attend 32 Church Road, bit of a strange one this, but a lady is saying she’s woken up and found a snake in her bed which has bitten her, ambo is on route”
Patrol PC: “A what?”
Ops Room: “er….a snake”

You can just envisage the scene. When viewed from an aircraft over the town it must have been like one of those science programmes filmed through a microscope of sperm all swimming towards the egg; every police vehicle for miles around homing in on 32 Church Road. The street hadn’t seen as many police vehicles since the last reported sighting of a blond 23 year old streaker.

I didn’t make it but I did hear the result:

Patrol PC: “X-ray six six to control, over.”
Ops Room: “X-ray six six go ahead, over.”
Patrol PC: “Yeah, ambo and police now complete….not as first reported, er, woman woken up suddenly and mistook her catheter for a snake. All in order.”

Now that’s a job I’m glad I didn’t make!

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