September 3rd, 2011

Out of the mouths..

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American supercop Bill Brattan was interviewed in the Financial Times this week. This blog has been running for six years (one of the longest police blogs currently active) and that’s the first time I;ve ever linked to the Financial Times!

Anyway, you’ll know Bill, he’s the champion of policing in the USA who Cameron wanted to get over to run the Met. This was quickly seized upon by ACPO as a ‘s tupid’ idea when they realised that the people they have been pandering to for the last 10 years finally acknowledged by implicatin what a piss poor job they’re making of it, so much so that the nirvana of modern policing lies in people from outwith these shores.

Anyway, whatever you think on Brattan’s successes or otherwise in clearing up the streets of L.A and NY, he seems to have his finger on the plse of UK policing.

He said: “I am a great believer in using crises to create change and accelerate it. The Brits really do have the opportunity to take a look and design [the police system] – the crisis you have experienced is very similar to what happened in New York [in the 1980s].” He pauses. “Or perhaps I would compare London right now more with the way that the LAPD was in 2002 – a dispirited workforce, a lack of trust of leadership in the organisation and a profound loss of confidence in the leadership of government. And that is only to be expected when the [UK] government is laying people off … Morale is awful. All you have to do is read their police blogs.”

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