August 31st, 2011

When things are back to front

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A police officer in Bedfordshire Police was GBH’d yesterday after she tried to arrest a burglar.

The unnamed 30-year-old officer with eight years’ service was patrolling when she saw a male making off from a premises in Bedford. David Glenn, aged 30, √ā¬†punched the officer√ā¬†viciously√ā¬†in the face before making off. the officer was unable to speak due to her injuries but pressed the √ā¬†emergency button on her radio which summoned other officers who later detained Glenn and two teenagers.

The officer, who received a broken eye socket, cheek bone and nose, has been transferred to a specialist hospital for treatment.

Glenn has been charged with GBH and burglary.

The officer has had her pay frozen and pension contributions increased in order to help pay for the country’s dire financial position. Meanwhile, UK banks have paid billions to their own staff in bonuses. This includes the Royal Bank of Scotland who paid √ā¬£965 million in bonuses despite making a √ā¬£1.1 billion loss in the last year.

I hope the officer concerned makes a speedy recovery.

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