March 21st, 2008

Evil Villains

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In the last week there will have been hundreds of burglaries reported to police. Homes up & down the country will have been broken into. Several hundred more people will have been attacked & either robbed or beaten up, some of those will have been at gun-point & many others at knife-point. People will have had their personal property stolen & damaged, communities will have additional adjustments on their route to being trashed. A few ill have been murdered, raped or killed in acts of wanton neglect on the roads of the country.

All of these will have had a varying degree of effect on the victim. All of those victims will rightly be expecting a full & thorough investigation into the circumstances in the often futile hope that someone will be brought to book for the crime.

The residents of Northamptonshire might be wondering, with all this going on around them, why the police have been wasting their time investigating a bloody children’s puppet.

In a recent edition of the Basil Brush show (a small toy fox with someone’s hand up its arse), a favourite children’s TV character for some 40 years, a sketch involving a gypsy woman trying to sell the puppet some lucky heather & wooden pegs, was met by a comment which a viewer found offensive & racist towards the traveling community.

As a result the Hate Crimes Unit from Northamptonshire’s finest carried out an investigation into the matter. They announced today that no further action was being taken.

Have we really come so far in society (& under a Labour Government) that a puppet on TV can crack a joke & the police will investigate this as a crime?? Wasn’t it the case that if anyone was annoyed about the content of a TV programme they wrote to the TV channel & were either told, yep, "sorry we made a mistake, we’ll try to do better", or told that "sorry, but we’ve done nothing wrong", and that was it? I wonder how many tax-payers in Northamptonshire are happy with the time & money an investigation like this has taken.

This is exactly the prophecy of comedians like Rowan Atkinson when the proposals to bring in religiously aggravated offences, to fall in line with racially aggravated offences. Oh no, said the government, the law is not there to limit free speech, this sort of thing won’t happen. Yeah, right.

This is exactly the sort of thing which happens when you bring in legislation which has at its core, the ethos of social engineering. Free speech? Doesn’t exist. No longer are we trusted to hold views & opinions which differ to those ‘in power’. No, we must legislate against anyone who doesn’t agree with current themes & theories. What before, might be classed as ‘bad taste’ worthy of either a bit of advice or a cold shoulder is now a crime which must be recorded, investigated & someone must be sanctioned for it.

The answer, it seems, to everything is to legislate, legislate, legislate.

This is why police officers are no longer trusted to to use discretion. Social change must take place with the agreement of those being asked to change, forcing them to do it will not work. I’d suggest it merely creates more problems than it seeks to solve. What the complainant should have been told when they called this one in is "speak with the BBC Sir/Madam, it’s not a police matter."

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Beware, this is a dangerous & evil criminal 



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