March 20th, 2008

Easy Targets

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You can tell it’s nearly April. The end of the financial year approaches. There are currently no end of special operations throughout the force area dedicated to eeking out the last little detection to make the end-of-year figures look a little better.

We have officers take off regular duties specifically to go out & get detections. We in the control room are told these officers MUST NOT be used for ‘normal policing’ assignments & must be left alone to drive up & down looking for people to stop so they can get what in the trade is known as a ‘sanction detection’, i.e. a recordable offence for which some kind of penalty is paid. It matters not whether the sanction is being locked up, charged & remanded in custody for a really serious offence, or a fixed penalty ticket for possession of cannabis. The only difference being one is much easier & much quicker to detect.

Ostensibly, the bosses can announce that they are targeting burglars, i.e. the people most members of the public want locked up, the truth is rather different. On my last set of lates my units arrested no burglars but gave out 8 fixed penalty tickets for possession of cannabis.

And who said detecting crime was hard?

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  1. Stan Still says:

    How stupid are they?

    Whatever “initiatives” they introduce, people will still be reporting crime.

    By not concentrating on the reported crime and going out to create crime, these bobbies are effectively REDUCING the detection percentage.

    More crimes with the same amount of detections equals a lower detection rate – simple.

    Now, if they were to do what our force has done and throw overtime at the response teams to go out and clear up their EXISTING crime reports, they might make a bit of a difference.

    March 20th, 2008 at 10:17

  2. Civ_In_The_City says:

    Targets and statistics.

    On the radio this afternoon I heard the governments response to the recent spate of suicides around Bridgend. They`ve set a target of a 20% reduction by 2010. Why am I not surprised. Their only response to any problem is to throw a target at it and gather statistics.

    If I thought they were actually going to take notice of the statistics they gather it would be one thing. They make a great show of stats when it comes to convincing us how great the health service is, or how quickly crime is falling.

    Then when the vast majority didn`t want the Iraq war, or the vast majority don`t want to sign the E.U. constitution, or the prisons are overflowing, they completely ignore the statistics as though that will magically make reality go away.

    You can`t have it both ways.

    Targets and statistics have their place in assisting us to work towards solving the problems in society. But they aren`t the solution themselves.

    Measuring and monitoring a problem should never replace identifying and taking action to correct a problem. Unfortunately in the police service the balance has tipped too far the wrong way with statistics and spin used to cover up the facts.

    March 20th, 2008 at 22:22

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