March 17th, 2008

Find me a course

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Successful management.

Someone should send the managers on a course. There must be one somewhere where you can find out how to get the best out of your staff.

I bet the following advice doesn’t appear anywhere on the syllabus.

Take a shift of staff, deplete them by at least a third but increase the workload they are expected to do. As a result of insufficient staff, get volunteers to work overtime at enhanced payment rates, every single day. As a knock-on of staff shortages, refuse 90% of leave applications. If anyone mentions the thought of going sick because they repeatedly can’t get leave, threaten to stick them on.  If a member of staff needs a day off for something really special, like a family wedding or moving house, make no efforts to accommodate them but make it plain to them that if they dare go sick on that day they will be disciplined.

I’m lead to believe that sickness levels are at an all-time high. I wonder of there is any correlation between sickness levels, workplace stress & the shoddy way this place has been run recently.

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  1. Lorenzo says:

    If a policeman with fairly long service leaves the job what sort of percentage of their pension do they lose. Or what are the other reasons for for not walking out to a far cushier job in civvie street.

    March 17th, 2008 at 12:03

  2. 200 says:


    I have no idea what the cut in pension rate is if you leave early.

    The reasons for not leaving are, good pension if you complete 30 years & a decent wage (without any skills to go elsewhere) and, er…. that’s it.

    March 17th, 2008 at 16:55

  3. blueknight says:

    Under the ‘old’ pension arrangements an Officer would get a reasonable amount if he retired at age 50 with 25 years service. I am not sure how the new pension works but I think it may be easier to leave earlier with a proportion of the full amount. The pension is the one thing that keeps Officers in the job. If it was transferable to another job with the same payout there would not be many Officers left.

    March 17th, 2008 at 23:04

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