August 15th, 2011

Show me the money

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Another day another copper suing the force for not being up to the job. 51-year-old Lesley Hart was  a police officer in Devon & Cornwall when she transferred to the Domestic Violence Unit. This followed a significant amount of sick leave which was blamed on a shoulder injury caused by wearing body armour.

Some time later she went on another extended period of sick leave which she said was due to stress caused by the emotionally demanding work in her role, excessive work load and lack of support from senior officers. In other words, exactly the same as every other hard working copper out there. The vast majority of whom just get on with it.

Whilst on sick leave, Hart flew to Argentina to take part in the BBC One game show ‘Total Wipeout’. (Strangely I know two people who have been on that show, Ms Hart was not one of them, I hasten to add).

It is understood that colleagues complained when they saw her on national TV figuring that anyone fit enough to take part in physically demanding competitions on national tele could probably be performing some kind of role within the workplace rather than being off sick.

She was subsequently cleared of any misconduct and retired on a medical pension.

She has now decided to sue the force claiming it did not do enought o support her at work and  failed to do enough to help her get back to work.

A friend is quoted as saying that she went on the game show as part of her recuperation.

The news report does not note how much money she will be claiming in damages.

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