January 22nd, 2006

Why Bother?

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You know how difficult it is to get into Britain’s modern police force these days? It’s not unusual to wait 3 or more years from the time of applying to walking through the hallowed portals of some police training centre somewhere. We’ve all hard stories of 3 million potential recruits applying for 2.4 jobs.

With all that commitment, late’s face it, who would wait 3 years from being interviewed for any other job until being accepted (astronauts & male porn stars excepted), it always seems strange to me that within 2 years many police officers suddenly forget why they joined in the first place.

If it’s going to happen it’s usually a few minutes after two years in the job, you know, that moment when they can’t kick you out without a bloody good fight and hundreds of pages of well documented evidence. Suddenly, this particular group of officers find they don’t actually have to be keen any more. They can always find ‘urgent paperwork’ or important ‘pre-arranged’ meetings to avoid getting sent to crap jobs. They’re happy for their mates & colleagues to deal with all the shite yet strangely, are always free when an immediate ‘blue light’ job comes in (but don’t hang around long enough to pick up the paperwork).

A lot of them spend a great deal of time and effort trying to get away from front-line duties so they don’t have to actively avoid work, it becomes part of the ‘remit’ to keep clear of it quite legitimately.

With all the choice the recruiters have they must be turning away some utter out and out shite in order to recruit people of even this level of committment. You’d have thought they would have the nouse to actually recruit people who want to work.

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