March 14th, 2008

More Tossers

Posted in Other Stuff by 200

Maybe I’m just turning into a grump old man the closer I get to retirement, or maybe things just are worse than they ever were.

I was driving out of my road today on my way to a DIY store for some essential supplies. The road I live in has a T-junction on to a slightly bigger road. As I approached the junction I could see a couple walking along the main road towards the same junction. I was maybe 20 yards from the junction when they looked at me and just stepped out into the road, walking slowly across & forcing me to give way to them. They weren’t feral teenagers although I suspect they used to be a few years ago. They were well into their 30’s and looked like aging chavs. The guy had his baseball cap on, looked like he’d never lifted a finger for anyone in his life & his girlfriend looked like Waynetta off that Harry Enfield programme.

Normally I’d just make some comment under my breath, let them get on with it & drive off thinking about which size bolt I needed at B & Q. I found myself shouting at them. I can’t remember what I said, to be honest, but he was saying something back so I wound the window down. I then said something about it was lucky I was paying attention & not either pissed or changing my CD player ‘cos they’d have been mown down, but pretty soon realised that this was beyond their level of reasoning so ended with something which went along the lines of "Fucking idiot!"

It was just another in a whole myriad of examples on a daily basis how fucking selfish & arrogant these people are. ‘Me, me, me & fuck everyone else."

When I think back, a lot of street trash used to do that when I was driving the police car. I used to make a point of not giving way, driving towards them and getting really close then dipping the clutch before revving the arse off the engine & sounding the horn. It wasn’t big nor was it clever but it was bloody satisfying seeing them defecate themselves.

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