July 11th, 2011

Kill me now

Posted in The Job - Experience by 200

Having a sense of humour can really help at work. Other people that is, not me.
When you are sitting with someone for an eight or nine hour shift, it really helps you get through the day if you can get a laugh now and again.
I think its generally true in our control room host the job used to be much more fun than it is now. That shouldnt be confused with less professional, mind. Its perfectly possible to do a good, solid and professional job but still have a laugh and enjoy it.
Im quite lucky, really. I work with some top folk.
There are people I would rather work with and, on the whole, I get to work with them fairly frequently. There are others.
One of the girls has a sense of humour like a bailiff at his own mothers funeral. Im certain there is more chance of raising Lazarus than there is of raising a smile.
Shes got the conversational skills of a mute housebrick.
You know if you have to sit with Angela, youll be making your own entertainment for the next nine hours.
Its not that Angela doesnt understand some jokes, I genuinely think she doesnt actually get the whole concept of what a joke is. You might just as well recite the Tale of the Ancient Mariner in Swahili, backwards.
I checked the duties this week to fond that Ive been paired with Angela later in the week.
If you dont hear from me for a whole, I might just have slashed my wrists.

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