March 5th, 2008

On me ‘ead, son

Posted in Not the Job by 200

Footballers. Living proof, if any were required, that simply having huge amounts of money doesn’t make it any more likely that you’ve got more than one functioning brain cell.

Take Everton star, Tim Cahill, who scored against Portsmouth at the weekend. His goal-line celebration  consisted of a tribute to his brother who happens to be serving a six-year sentence for partially blinding a man in an unprovoked attack during which he kicked Christopher Stapley twice in the head after taking a run-up at him.

Cahill pretended to be in handcuffs after scoring the goal on Sunday in honour of his jailed brother.

With the youth of today going to hell in a handcart & a generation lost to avarice, selfishness & the me, me, me ethic, is this really the type of person we want to hold up as a role model?

Come to that, are footballers in general the kind of people we want our innocent impressionable youngsters looking up to? They are the most dishonest of all sportsmen playing a game which is almost based on cheating in order to win. They fall over at the drop of a hat, writhing in agony until the decision goes their way whereupon they rise faster than Lazarus on speed.

Bunch of overpaid, cheating, prima donnas, the lot of ’em.

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