February 28th, 2008

Smoke & Mirrors

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All the current talk of freeing up officers from red tape & bureaucracy is nothing new. We had similar calls under the Conservative government, the Labour party has been saying it off & on for 11 years.

Despite the soundbites, bureaucracy & red tape has just increased. The current government’s obsession with target-setting can only ever increase bureaucracy since you can’t measure target achievement without being able to document it.

What is worryingly different about the current calls for reduction in red tape is evinced by Sir Ronnie Flannaghan’s recent investigation & report into policing, where he says the current level of police officers is "unsustainable". What this means is that under the smokescreen of freeing up officers for "frontline" work, what they in fact mean is a reduction in the total amount of police officers.

I guarantee no politician will actually say this, they will continue with the soundbites about record numbers of police officers & reducing crap so they can do their jobs.

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