February 26th, 2008


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I was reminded of a few jobs I’ve been to when I saw the tackle on Arsenal’s Eduardo this weekend. Fortunately, the footballer has access to the best & fastest medical treatment so won;t have been waiting round for too long before vital first aid treatment.

It’s amazing how time seems to go so slowly when you are waiting for such treatment. I was first on the scene at a motorcyclist whose leg was so badly broken the bottom half including the foot was pointing towards his face while his knee was pointing in the right direction.

We were miles from anywhere and, according to the log the ambulance took about 16 minutes to reach us. I’d have sworn in front of a judge that it took well over half an hour. I guess it’s the sense of helplessness which makes time stretch. There must be a similar correlation between moments of pain & moments of pleasure; there have been many occasions when I’d have sworn something took maybe 45 minutes to an hour, when my wife has assured me it really only took two minutes. I don’t know if that’s general or just me though.

It’s bad enough when you are on scene waiting for an ambo, wondering why it’s taking so long, not entirely sure if you’re doing the right thing – first-aid-wise, & praying someone in green will run up & take over ASAP. I can assure you we in the control room feel the same way, we want the ambo there NOW, just like the officers on scene. And we can’t make it arrive any quicker. There’s only so many times you can say, "it’s on it’s way" or "it’ll be there soon".

Usually it is there pretty quickly, even if the 5 or 6 minutes it takes seems like half an hour.

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