May 24th, 2011

The kiddy card

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Another day another attempt to get a criminal off using the Human Rights Act.

Wayne Bishop, a 33-year-old burglar was jailed for 8 months by Nottingham Crown Court in April this year. His sentence was made up of four months for burglary and four months for dangerous driving. He pleaded guilty.

His solicitor, an Ian Wise, says that  a prison sentence is against Article 8 of the Human Rights Act which, he says, violates Bishop’s right to a private family life. Wise appears to have been silent on Bishop’s victims’ rights to a private family life, which I’m pretty sure burgling their houses is a clear violation.

The reason it ‘violates’ the burglar’s rights is because he is a joint carer for his 5 children, custody of whom he shares with his ex-partner. Burglary, ex-partners, more than the average amount of children, well there’s a thing. Don’t suppose he gives a fuck about childcare when he’s out burgling.

The BBC News reports that Bishop’s appeal could be heard in the next few days.

Any bets?


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