May 21st, 2011

No change there, then

Pc Nigel Albuery of the Metropolitan Police, was on patrol with a colleague this week when they stopped a group of  teenagers in Croydon.

The officer, part of the local Safer Neighbourhoods Team, was attacked and is seriously ill in hospital after being stabbed several times. Three teenagers have been arrested, one, Alastair Gregson aged 18, has been charged with GBH with intent on the officer, he has also been charged with unrelated offences of GBH on an 18-year-old female & intimidation of a witness. So just the kind of person that Kenneth Clarke wants to keep out of prison, then.

What struck me about the story were the comments from the officer’s Borough Commander, Adrian Roberts. He is quoted as saying: “I and my officers are shocked and concerned that this has happened but are determined to continue to deliver a professional service to the community of Croydon borough.

It is important to remember that this is an isolated incident.

Local officers have been tasked with increased patrols in the area to reassure the public, and we have spoken with our partners so that the community can share their concerns.”

Hmm, nothing about any concern for the officer, or anything about the management’s hope that he will make a quick & speedy recovery, nor that the police are doing everything they can to support the officer & his family & colleagues, or that the police are determined to bring the offender to justice and will press for a right & proper, severe sentence for such an outrageous and serious attack on an officer doing his day-t0-day job. Never mind anything about pointing out the dangers that officers face on a day-to-day basis, or the wish that proper equipment to defend themselves was/is/should be provided to officers.

There was so much opportunity to do the right thing and support the victim but instead the senior officers seem more concerned about ‘consulting with partners’ and ‘reassuring the public’. It seems victims are a priority for the bosses when it looks good in an annual report but not when the victim is a police officer.

What a wanker.

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