May 18th, 2011

Run away

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This is how the government expect us to tackle dangerous armed criminals, with a wheelie bin & a clean pair of heels.

Up to  thirty officers face a man armed with a two-foot machete. Imagine if he actually wanted to attack those officers, or made serious attempts to harm them. Or if he was intent on harming someone else & the officers tried to prevent it, the consequences of a lunatic running amok with a machete don’t bare thinking about.

And note that this is in the most heaviest policed city in the land, 30,000 officers. I don’t know anywhere in my area where you could get 30 officers to the scene any time quick. The Met have more firearms offices than anyone else & I don’t think I saw any on scene here, certainly nobody appeared to have Tasers. (I don’t think some guy in a suit with the purse strings allows mere front line troops in the met to have Tasers, they have to wait until a firearms officers arrives which, as you can see, can take longer than 7 minutes.

Look at the video & wonder whether you are happy that should that man with the machete turn up in your street, you’ll be sent the best, quickest & safest way to stop him.


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