January 17th, 2006

Pond Life

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Doubtless the Chief Constable of Nottinghamshire Police will be sleep9ing easier in his bed knowing his staff are doing their utmost to keep the citizens of that fair county safe in their beds.

Despite their inability to find sufficient staff to deal with the burgeoning murders and other serious crimes – they’ve had to call on other forces to assist them investigate crimes – the Notts Professional Standards Dept. are doing their bit in the corporate fight against crime.

Whilst investigating an allegation of corruption at a Nottingham police station, the “rubber heel squad” put in a covert camera to catch the nefarious deeds within the police ranks, hoping to nail a particular officer and thus justifying their existence.

Imagine the delight round the coffee table in the professional standards office when they sat back to view the tapes only to discover they had captured no less than 4 officers talking about the hapless criminal scum of the city.

One officer, a detective constable was recorded referring to one particular piece of pond life as, er, “pond life”. This was during a private conversation between the four officers which included a constable, a sergeant & a detective sergeant. The pond life in question was not present, indeed, he was probably doing what the other pond life of Nottingham were doing i.e. relieving the worthy of the city of their worldly goods.

Apparently, calling criminal scum “pond life”; in a private conversation between consenting adults is so serious a matter that all 4 officers are under investigation for using “inappropriate language”. They have been relieved of duties which might bring them into contact with said pond life & Nottingham has decreased its already manpower-strapped force of 4 otherwise serviceable police officers.

To heap further salt into festering wounds the officers’ cases will not be looked at until after the conclusion of the criminal matters originally being investigated with which the officers concerned had absolutely no involvement. It could be a year before these “suspects” have any kind of resolution of these police disciplinary matters.

I expect the good folk of Nottingham will feel much safer knowing where Notts Police priorities lie.

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