April 21st, 2011

Brace yourself

Posted in Other Stuff by 200

It’s nice to be back. Not.

The video posts of the last few days would have told you that I’ve been far too busy doing other stuff to write anything more than a few sentences. Oh how I love annual leave.

How fantastic is it to ditch work for a few days & just take off in the car to somewhere away from the stresses & strains of work & the pressures of home life? And the fact that the weather has been so good just adds to the ambiance of relaxation. There really is nothing better than walking along a deserted beach hand-in-hand with the Mrs while the kids muck around on their own, for a change.

We’ve never been great ones for getting away from it all, usually our summer holiday is our annual holiday. It’s great to find the salary funding normal life & the pension funding those extra treats you did away with while the kids were growing.

The problem with going away is that you have to come back. I don’t think I’ll feel as relaxed tomorrow as I have felt for the last few days.

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