February 11th, 2008

Great Minds…

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…think alike.

I notice a certain similarity between the most recent post on The Policeman’s Blog, posted 11th February 2008, and one posted here on 19th September 2007

I’ve not posted about Sir Ronnie Flannel’s recent report on the state of British policing, mainly because everyone else is doing it and partly because there’s not an awful lot to add that I didn’t say last September except, ‘no surprise there, then’. (plus, whilst I have downloaded his full report, I haven’t actually read it yet)

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  1. Civ_In_The_City says:

    Does anyone actually read these reports, or just skip to the recommendations? I read enough of Flanagans report, especially the part that said the police often respond in a knee-jerk way to implement overkill policies so as to be seen to be meeting the recommendations of reports just like this one. Ah the irony of it all.

    I read the Victoria Climbie Report. Very good and constructive it was too. Can`t say the same for MacPherson though. There`s also some very good counter-cases for the ‘conclusions’ reached in that one. But of course, in British culture these days you can`t criticise MacPherson without being called a racist murderer. A teensy bit of overkill creeping in there again?

    I read Dr Rowan Williams bit about Sharia law, what little I could understand. But of course it didn`t suggest a parallel legal system. It didn`t call for the introduction of Sharia. It didn`t just talk about Sharia either. It talked about finding the commonality in all religious law and social law as a way to make things better all round.

    I don`t say he is right, but if he is wrong he`s not as wrong as a lot of the conclusions reached in the media about what he appears to have said. And there`s the problem. These days we aren`t judged on what we say but on what people think we`ve said.

    Which is the reason for the police overkill in response to reports. It`s a no-win situation, not helped by Flanagan not going far enough in his analysis of the wider context of the current police culture. The whole game is set up so they fail and ‘those who choose not to abide by conventional laws’ have a free hand.

    Scrap the red tape and paperwork, build more prisons, take away the police force league tables. There`s my report.

    February 11th, 2008 at 18:46

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