February 13th, 2008

More Scum

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Hot on the heels of my recent story of travelling scum comes another fine example of the genre.

Prize for scum-sucking pond-life of the week goes to traveller Robert Cole, 32, who has been jailed for life for the murder of Arthur Gregg, a frail pensioner who had been conned out of £25,000 for "shoddy workmanship" by "builder" Cole, who was part of a group of "unscrupulous travellers" who ripped off vulnerable pensioners by cold-calling them at home and then demanding huge sums of cash for small jobs.

Mr Gregg suffered 41 injuries including 24 wounds to his head & neck, 2 skull fractures & 8 broken bones in his face. He was last seen alive by staff at his local building society when he told them the builder was waiting for him outside & needed paying. The building society told him he had only £10 in his account & so he left. he was found dead at his home 3 days later. His telephone had been ripped out to stop him calling for help. Cole also stole his car & sold it for £102.

The attack happened after Mr Gregg’s family found out he was being conned by the bogus builder & took control of his bank account so he could no longer give money to Cole.

Cole denied the murder blaming it on 2 other travellers but was convicted after his DNA was found in Mr Gregg’s house & his the victim’s blood found on Cole’s shoes.

More info here.

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