January 10th, 2006

Logistics Tossers

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Logistics Departments, what are they, then?

Good question, but a more pertinent one would be “Logistics Departments, what bloody use are they, then?”;

I don’t know much about them other than most of the staff within are 9-5ers and any police officers working within one get the same money as me. They do have nioce shiny arses from sitting in big office chairs all day telling everyone else when and where to work.

I know one thing logistics officers are not; capable of reading a bloody calendar.

In an ideal world, a logistics department would look into the future, assess the likely need for staffing levels on any particular day or for any forthcoming event and muster sufficient staff to cover.

You could forgive them if they didn’t provide enough police officers at the onset of a spontaneous natural disaster such as an earthquake, flood or even a fire at an oil depot, but Christmas???

Christmas, hang on a minute, doesn’t that happen just about every year, sometime in winter, around December time? Well yes, but the way it sneakily catches out logistics departments every year you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a last minute addition to the policing staff levels headache that is the work of logistics departments.

That explains why rest days are cancelled 2 weeks prior to the big day, why suddenly someone realises there isn’t sufficient cover and why people’s duties get changed at the last minute just after they have sorted their festive child-care arrangements and bought tickets for pub lock-ins at New Year.

The good news is that our logistics department won’t be caught out next year; in the first week of January they have already cancelled all annual leave covering Christmas and New Year 2006.

I wonder if it will make the slightest difference…

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