March 24th, 2011

Follow me, not

Apart from the news that the Airwave radio solution that the tax payer has paid millions for & continues to pay on a per second of use basis ramping up big profits for a private company, the most interesting comment to come out of the into the Cumbria Derek Bird slaughter of last year, was by the comment by one of the chiefs from West Mercia Police who said this week that the Ambulance & Police service front line officers should put themselves in the firing line.

Someone who will never have to do so himself said: “If I was commanding the incident, the overarching aim would be to protect the public from harm. We would expect emergency service staff to put themselves at risk to carry out this strategy. The public have a right to expect the emergency services to put themselves in harm’s way to protect the public … we cannot go on with this confusion as to response.”

A bit rich from someone who’s biggest risk comes from a potential paper cut to the finger whilst  sat on his big fat overpaid arse at some police HQ.

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