March 15th, 2011

A bad week

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Over the years I have hosted cops from all over the world. Several Americans have stayed with us & I always have a keen interest in what’s going on with our brothers & sisters across the pond.

They’re having a bit of a bad week out there at the moment.

On Sunday the NYPD lost an officer when he was pushed over a railing while trying to arrest a domestic violence suspect. Officer Alain Schaberger was pushed over a balcony & fell head first onto a concrete stairwell. He landed on his head & broke his neck  dying at the scene. He was a 10-year veteran & will be laid to rest on Friday.

The day before Nassau County PD cop lost his life in a tragic shooting by a fellow police officer. Officers were called to an incident with a 21-year-old male who had several knives strapped to his body whilst wielding other knives. Officers from several departments attended the scene & when the offender charged at officers, he was shot & killed by an officer. A few minutes later other officers arrived from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority & NYPD Special Operations officers, including Geoffrey Breitkopf, who were in plain clothes.

For reasons which aren’t clear one of the MTA officers fired a shot at Officer Breitkopf. He died a short while later. His funeral is also this Friday.

Meanwhile, also on 13th March, in Virginia, four officers were shot as they arrived at the scene of a robbery. Two of the Buchanan County Sheriff Department officers were killed, the other two are in life-threatening or serious conditions. The offender, who shot the officers from long range, was found two hours after the shooting & in an ‘engagement’ he was shot & killed. The slain officers were Deputies Cameron Neil Justus, 41, and William Ezra Stiltner, 46.

43 USA officers have been killed or died on duty so far this year.

Rest in peace, brothers.

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  1. Hogday says:

    With the NYPD incident, the pre-cons and history of the killer would have been enough for me to want to taser the pos as soon as he opened the door. I would have argued strongly that with the violent history of the bastard, that was the only way to give either of us a chance of coming away from the arrest uninjured. Sounds extreme? Possibly, based on comments that not all of the calls resulted in an arrest, but I still don’t think so. Yet I would fully expect to have been vilified, disciplined and possibly prosecuted and sacked for taking that pre-emptive action. Officers face those odds daily, over here as well. It still remains the case that a dead or maimed police officer is easier to square up than a dead or mangled villain. Domestics are horrendously risky, partly because of the unknown factor of volatility of the human under stress. The dilemma remains. Twas ever thus. Thoughts to the officers poor family and friends.

    March 16th, 2011 at 10:58

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