March 13th, 2011

Land sharks can cost

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Freedom of Information requests by the BBC ‘You and Yours’ programme have revealed that police forces up & down the county have paid out £770,000 compensation in the last 3 years to people who have been bitten by police dogs.

A report in the Telegraph says that one person received £49,000. The report doesn’t give any circumstances under which the people were bitten other than to say that 2,727 people were suspects, 155 were other members of the public &  196 were police officers and staff. West Midlands Police seem to have the hungriest dogs; they reported 644 bites over the last 3 years among 8 forces with over 100 bites each.

I’m not sure what the report is saying really. I’d guess that some of the bites were justified & some weren’t. Let’s hope the cash just went to the unjustified ones. (bites that is, not people)

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